Est. 1995
             Ft. Thomas, Kentucky
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  President: Jack Buecker                
Vice President: Joshua Gooch
Secretary: Kate Flynn 
Treasurer: Charlotte McBrayer

Contact Jack Buecker for information on the club: jackbuecker@skidmore-sales.com



Main Number: (513) 761-1111
                         (888) 437-6864  
Service Direct:
(513) 697-5200
Larry Malott, Vette Specialist
Cell: (513) 827-7582


March 11:  Dayton Air Force Museum (Backroads up, lunch @ museum) [Organizer: TBD] 
March 14:  Meeting @ WeaponXMotorSports (Food & drinks provided by your club!)
April 8:   L+M Railroad Ride in Lebanon & Possible dinner @ Golden Lamb [Organizer: TBD, possibly Larry]
April 11:  Meeting @ Oriental Wok, Buttermilk Pike
May 9:  Meeting @ TBD
May 13:  Boone County Bourbon run, backroads drive, & dinner [Organizer: Dale]
May 20:   Lawrenceburg Speedway to watch the races [Organizer: Dale]
June 11:  Dayton Corvette Club Car Show [Organizer: TBD]
June 13:  Meeting @ TBD
June 23/24:  Bloomington Gold; FTCC may reserve a suite, hotel info posted in future [Organizer: TBD]
July 4:  Ft. Thomas Parade & then a picnic/cookout @ Kate's house [Organizer: Josh]
July 9:  Louisville Corvette Club Car Show [Organizer: TBD]
July 11:  Meeting @ TBD
August 8:  Meeting @ Oriental Wok, Buttermilk Pike
August 12:  Wood Hudson Car Show @ Hofbrauhaus Newport! [Organizer: Dave S. & Josh]
August 26:  "Poker Run" [Organizer: Jan & Mark] (DATE TENATIVE)    
Sept. 10: Lancaster Corvette Show [Organizer: TBD]
Sept. 12: Meeting @ TBD

Sept. 24:  2nd Annual Observation Rally! (Defending champs: Josh & Brian!) [Organizer: Bill & Pat]
October 7:  Keeneland [Organizer: Kurt]
October 10:  Meeting @ TBD
October 14:  NK Children's Home Run/Backroads & Rabbit Hash, & Dinner [Organizer: Josh]
October 22:  Restoration Station in Springboro [Organizer: TBD]
Nov. 14:  Meeting @ TBD
Nov. 18:  Louisville Mega Caverns [Organizer: TBD]
December 9:  Holiday Party @ Ft. Thomas Country Club [Organizer: Josh & Jack]

Please email Josh if you'd like to organize an already planned event or add to this list by planning another event!

Our MARCH meeting will be held at:


Website: http://weaponxmotorsports.myshopify.com/

DINNER PROVIDED BY THE FTCC & Social hour before our meeting

Where: 2105A Schappelle Ln, Cincinnati, OH 45240 - (513) 662-4000
When: TUESDAY, MARCH 14th, ~6:15 for dinner - club is buying pizza & drinks and also maybe pies (it's pi day!)
Description: Please wear your name tags !


Other items of interest:

June 11 (Sunday): Concours d'Elegance [tickets are $15 thru 12/31 vs. $25 day of show]{ info@ohioconcours.com ; call Sue Willis @513-321-1951 or Charley Goettsch, crgoettsch@gmail.com, is willing to purchase your tickets with a firm commitment!}

Wednesdays during spring/summer/fall: Cruise-ins at Quake Steak & Lube in Florence, KY


 2017 Recent Past Events:

January 2:  New Year's Breakfast @ IHOP Newport! [Organized by Larry & Judy]

 AVAILABLE online; CLICK ON: Members Only (above) and "sign in" to order CLUB APPAREL

Just Complete the Form and Click on SUBMIT! Order goes directly to supplier

[Items will be delivered by Doug at next meeting with payment due]